Better Safe Than Sorry

New cybersecurity solutions for network threat management

As the demands for higher bandwidth, better quality services and lower network latency rates pushes ISPs and CSPs alike to constantly upgrade and optimize their network, the threats and vulnerabilities underlying these "converged services" seems to be greater than ever before.

The exposure to security threats doesn't only come from the complexities underlying these integrated services, but more than often due to the lacking skills and expertise in identifying and mitigating such risks. The rather simple solution to this piercing problem - active on-the-job training for security staff is easier said than done. Given the constantly changing network landscape within these infrastructures it is practically impossible to have a half way acceptable training environment without having literally cloned the network infrastructure in its entirety - an expensive and time-consuming practice over time.

To help our clients better tackle this problem, we have added a comprehensive network simulation and security training platform to our portfolio of offerings. A solution based on virtualization technologies and capable of simulating their networks the way they are configured in their production environments.