Members of the GlassCube community form an integral part of our corporate vision and model of collaborative success. The GlassCube Partner Programs provide an opportunity for those of the GlassCube community who are adding value to GlassCube users to have a formal relationship with GlassCube and be recognized for their contributions.

GlassCube - community partner program

Community Partners

Community partners form the founding stones upon which we lay our values of good governance and corporate social responsibility. While GlassCube delivers the IntelliCloud stack of analytics tools, it does not provide planning, implementation, hosting, and support services.

These services can be provided by vendors, who can build a business model around some or all of these types of services. There is value to GlassCube, its adopters and affiliates in having these services available from our partners. In the process we build upon an existing ecosystem between diverse stakeholders sharing a common vision of the value we choose to derive out of the services we render.


GlassCube - domain partner program

Domain Partners

Domain partners are peer companies, organizations and governmental institutions that share a common vision of sharing their know-how within the ICT, Cyber Security, Lawful Intercept, Counter Terrorism and Defence industries. Leveraging upon the expertise that each of the members carries, the primary goal of the GlassCube Domain Partner Program is to cultivate an environment of co-operation among its members. 

The final outcome of the program is that it leads to a convergence of thoughts, ideas and innovations of the member organizations which serves as a solid foundation towards sound and robust solutions in fighting crime and terror.

GlassCube - strategic partner program

Strategic Partners

The Strategic Partner Program brings industry leaders across diverse verticals such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Financial Compliance, Infrastructure Management. 

It enables these member entities to explore new avenues of expansion beyond their core areas of operation. Members of the Strategic Partner Program are kept abreast with the latest innovations and developments being carried out by GlassCube via product news, announcement and newsletters. 

In addition, a strategic partnership enhances the members visibility via publications and exposure to critical events and happenings. 

Strategic partners have the possibility to be included in customer facing workshops, seminars and trainings as a selected provider. Other possible benefits include invitations to participate in analyst briefings, press briefings, case studies and articles (subject to approval).

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