Upgrade, integrate or migrate your existing mobile, fixed or IP networks and making your customer base as resilient as your network


In an era where the delivery of content and media rich applications is critical towards the satisfaction and the consequent retention of end-users, we provide our clients with a gamut of network lifecycle services such as network design, planning, deployment and network operations (maintaining and optimizing communication networks) Our optimized  solutions allow our customers to extract maximum added value from their infrastructure assets in order to deliver voice, video and data services.

GlassCube Infrastructure Services Overview

Internet Service Provider (ISP)s and Telecommunication Services Provider (TSP) alike have a constant need for reliable and consistent Network Management Services in order to maintain and run their infrastructure. We provide the following services to help you manage and run your network infrastructure efficiently.



When it comes to network planning, there are various important aspects such as performance, coverage, network latency and capacity that need to be taken into consideration.

Network Planning & Migration
Whether it is optimizing your existing fixed line network or an upgrade of an existing 2G / 3G / 4G network, careful planning regarding the seamless integration and functioning of the network elements is required. The introduction of 5G technologies, which run on top of existing networks has added to the complexity and the network topology as a whole requires thorough assessment to work in tandem.

You can count on our network design services to build cost-effective and high performance networks designed to meet the demands of today's digital era.

Intermet of Things

IoT & IIoT

The emergence of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and (Industrial Internet of Things) IIoT have been a game changer in the networking arena.

With the myriad different networks like NB-IOT, WIFI, GPS, Satellite and mobile and messaging protocols at its disposal the application and widespread acceptance of these technologies is here to stay.

As we see surge in the number of intelligent devices becoming more easily available to customers, the performance and security expectations put on the network will be a thing of the past.

With the pace in changing technologies, companies are having to redefine their IT strategies and revamp their IT investments to be future ready. We assist our clients in identifying the gap in their existing network investments and how they can tap into the potential benefits that they can reap from an early adoption strategy.


We offer comprehensive network lifecycle services and solutions, enabling Telecom Services Providers (Telcos) and Managed Services Providers (MSPS) build and manage their wireless and wire-line network infrastructure

Lifecycle Management Services
Our solutions enable the integration of your organizations existing infrastructure with in-house and external information technology systems such as Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) to provide full lifecycle management solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

GlassCube services span across the entire network ecosystem for telecom companies and enterprises ranging from network build, operate and maintain in an optimized and cost effective way. It also facilitates integration with Value Added Service platforms thereby achieving business efficiency and excellent customer experience


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