GlassCube Products & Services

Browse through our catalog of services ranging from Network & Infrastructure Management, Cloud Management Services, Business and Financial Consultancy services, Development and Data Management Services and Recruitment and offshoring services.

Network Management
Internet Service Provider (ISP)s and Telecommunication Services Provider (TSP) alike have a constant need for reliable and consistent Network Management Services in order to maintain and run their infrastructure.

GlassCube offers comprehensive network lifecycle services and solutions, enabling Telecom Services Providers (Telcos) and Managed Services Providers (MSPS) build and manage their wireless and wire-line network infrastructure.
Consultancy Services
We hold a track record of providing our customers with some of the best experts available in the industry. By choosing our consultation services our customers can be assured of and rely on the solid experience carried by our teams.

Backed by an extensive recruitment and qualification process, we ensure that our consultants meet and exceed the expectations of our clients thus leading to long lasting partnerships.
Employee Surveys
How your organizational culture is perceived by your employees is one of the most important considerations in recruiting and retention.

Your firm’s culture sets expectations about what behavior is valued and affects how you interact with your peers and how you treat your clients.

We provide a dip-stick into the firm’s culture by conducting employee engagement surveys.

Employer Branding
With the changing work force and employee career aspiration, employer branding has gained momentum in the last few years.

We function as brand ambassadors to our clients and ensure that candidates are briefed about the distinct value proposition offered by our clients thus enhancing the market visibility of our clients as credible an reliable organizations to work for.
We help engage new recruits by acclimatizing them to the organizations culture and policies.

This leads to longer retention periods, higher employee satisfaction, greater impact on organizational knowledge and productivity, giving it a competitive edge in the market.
Payroll Outsourcing
Even the most meticulous of organizations find payroll processing a cumbersome and error prone process which consumes time and
valuable organizational resources.

Over the years we have worked with various clients with high turn around times and have mastered the finer technicalities of payroll processing that we offer our clients, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.
Finding candidates with the right acumen to fill an organizations requirements is a daunting task comprising of formulating requirements, sourcing candidates, pre-screening, finding backup candidates and finally kicking off the onboarding process.

Within the scope of our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) offerings we take over your recruitment woes and handle the end-to-end process management at a nominal service charge.
Executive Search
High level leadership and managerial positions are some of the most difficult positions to fill, given the various hard (skills, experience) and tacit (organizational culture, vision) factors.

We work exclusively on mandates for our clients for niche, senior roles.

Our experienced team of headhunters map senior profiles across industries to find the right candidate.
Permanent Staffing
We do contingency hiring for our clients across industries. Our forte lies in creating strong relationships with candidates which ensures the timely joining of shortlisted candidates.

Our process also ensures that candidates receive a detailed feedback and therefore are able to bridge the gap in their skills.